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What is Amundi Funds?

Amundi Funds is organized as a "Societe d'Investissement a Capital Variable" ("SICAV") under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, incorporated on July 18, 1985. The current name of the fund has been changed on March 2, 2010.
Instead of focusing on one particular investment objective, Amundi Funds has divided its assets into sub-funds of assets, each with a separate investment objective and asset portfolio. This combination provides You with an access to global selection of markets through a range of diversified and internationally invested sub-funds.

Who is eligible to invest in Amundi Funds?

Investment in Amundi Funds shares is suitable for a wide range of customers individual, corporate, institutional. No matter if you are an experienced investor or just a beginner, Amundi Funds gives You the opportunity to choose between 18 sub-funds in Bulgaria, according to your geographic preferences, risk profile, investment horizons and many other criteria.

Why invest in Amundi Funds?

Profitability Opportunity to obtain high rates of return in your investments
Expressbank would like to draw your attention to the fact that the performance of each sub-fund in the past is not representative of its performance in the future. The value of th shares and income thereof can rise and drop: there is no guarantee for profit and for full return of the initially invested amount of funds. Investments in Amundi Funds are not guaranteed or protected by a guaranteed fund created by the Bulgarian State or with any other guarantee.
Accessibility and variety of investment opportunities Gives you access to a wide variety of financial markets in terms of assets (equities, bonds, money market instruments) and geographic exposure (USA, Europe, Asia, MENA, Emerging Countries and others) which are difficult to reach and to trade on individually.
Attractive transactions fees and no minimal initial or subsequent investments requirements
Liquidity and flexibility in order to optimize your investment and obtain maximum yield, you may buy, convert or redeem your shares at any time among the different sub-funds and classes. Redemptions are made without any fee. Presently, the conversion is also for free but in the future fees are possible up to 1 %.
Professional active asset management Amundi is an Investment Manager driven by professionalism, quality and reactivity.
Diversification - through investment in various types of securities, spreading out the risk by country and sector, in order to optimize your return.
Transparency, information to investors and simplicity You may estimate the value of your investment at any moment through a daily net asset value (NAV = the price at which you can buy, convert and redeem your shares).
Indeed, in further details, Net Asset Value (NAV) of a share is the market value of a single share of the respective sub-fund and class, based on the value of the underlying assets minus the liabilities of the relevant sub-fund and class, divided by the number of shares outstanding. It is calculated on each Calculation Day. You may find the current NAV values for all compartments of Amundi Funds, offered in Bulgaria on this website, section Class of Shares.
Institutional stability investment funds activities are supervised by the regulative bodies both in Luxembourg and Bulgaria, so that investor's rights to be protected.


Class A Funds
Without any investments requirements
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Class I Funds
Min subscription requirement – EUR 500 000
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