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Mutual funds: what does it mean


Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is made up pooling money from many investors and managed on their behalf by a professional manager.

This specialist uses this money to buy stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments and/or other securities based on the specific investment objectives that have been set for the fund.

In exchange for the amounts that you have invested, you receive shares of this fund and you become thus a shareholder.

Regarding the administrative services and the management of your portfolio, the mutual fund manager charges fees based on the value of the total fund's assets.

Open-end fund

The Amundi funds are open-end mutual funds, which mean that they continuously issue and redeem shares, so the number of shares outstanding varies from day to day. As an investor in an open-end fund, you are free to purchase or redeem your shares at any time. The price of a share is not fixed it fluctuates daily depending on the securities performance, held by the fund. So, when you redeem your shares, you will receive an amount of money, calculated on the funds market value the day of your redemption.


Class A Funds
Without any investments requirements
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Class I Funds
Min subscription requirement – EUR 500 000
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