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Equity sub-funds

Equity sub-funds investment objective is long-term capital growth with income.
Capital growth may be achieved by appreciation of stock prices

Risk Profile

Investments in this type of sub-funds may expose You to certain risks:
market and volatility risks
risks attached to transactions into derivates, management and investment strategy risk
exchange risk
Depending on market conditions, investors as You should be prepared to bear an unrealised loss on their original investments over a period of time, or an actual loss should you decide to dispose of your investments in an unfavourable market. It should be noted that shares are neither guaranteed nor principal protected and that there can be no assurance that shares are redeemed at the price for which they have been subscribed.

Profile of the typical Investor

Based on the sub-funds investment objectives and strategies, they are only appropriated for investors who:
seek capital appreciation over the long-term
do not seek regular income from their investments
are risk-taking persons
can withstand volatility
The advisable investment horizon is longer than 5 years.


Class A Funds
Without any investments requirements
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Class I Funds
Min subscription requirement – EUR 500 000
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