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How to become an investor


What are the steps for becoming an investor in Amundi Funds?

Visit one of Expressbank offices.
Fulfill an application for the purchase of shares and sign an agreement with the Bank.
Pay the necessary amount including the subscription fee.
In 5 working days after you placed your order, Expressbank will inform you for the number and the Net Asset Value of the subscribed shares, as of the day of the purchase order.
The steps for redemption of shares are the same, excluding the step 3, as well for conversion (but for step 3 in the necessary amount a fee for the conversion will be included up to 1%, if such fee is introduced on a later stage).

What are the fees and charges that you pay?

When you purchase shares, you pay subscription fee as a percentage of your investments value. They depend on the sub-fund and the class you are investing in. Redemptions and conversions of your shares in Amundi Funds are free of charge. Some other charges and taxes are collected for the management and administration of the sub-funds. They are not paid as a separate sum by the investor but are included directly in the daily calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV) for each sub-fund and class. Presently, fees for conversions are not due but it is possible such to be introduced in the future up to 1 %.
Taxation of Bulgarian Investors
According to the Bulgarian Taxes on the Income of Individuals Act of 2006 and the Bulgarian Corporate Income Taxation Act of 2006, the income of Bulgarian individual investors and corporate investors (legal persons and other corporate tax payers) received from redemption of shares is not subject to taxation in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian investors should be aware that they may be obligated to declare in their annual tax return the shares held in Amundi Funds.
Losses from such redemptions may not be recognised for tax purposes. Investors are advised to contact a Bulgarian tax consultant if they need any detailed clarification on Bulgarian taxation.

How do you receive your gains from your investment in Amundi sub-funds?

Return on your investment can be gained by redeeming your shares to Amundi Funds at a suitable moment7. The offered shares in Amundi sub-funds in Bulgaria do not distribute dividends: the latter are capitalized, thus increasing their value.
7 Please refer to the following section: What is Amundi Funds? / Why invest in Amundi Funds? / Profitability.


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