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Class I shares

  Class I shares are available only for institutional investors or for individuals within the framework of a collective savings or any comparable scheme as well as UCITS, with a minimum initial subscription requirement of EUR/USD 500 000 or the equivalent amount in other currency.  
Sub-fund ISIN Currency Issue price Subscription fee Redemption price Date
Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Conservative
LU0945153277 Hedged in EUR 895.42 by agreement 895.42 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Emerging World
LU0347592437 USD 1316.20 by agreement 1316.20 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Europe Concentrated
LU0401974356 EUR 2126.72 by agreement 2126.72 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Global Conservative
LU0801841312 USD 1599.59 by agreement 1599.59 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds CPR Global Gold Mines
LU0568607625 USD 448.07 by agreement 448.07 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds CPR Global Lifestyles
LU0568611148 USD 0.00 by agreement 0.00
Amundi Funds CPR Global Lifestyles
LU0906535041 EUR 1945.26 by agreement 1945.26 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds CPR Global Resources
LU0347594482 USD 819.31 by agreement 819.31 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Greater China
LU0165623355 USD 823.58 by agreement 823.58 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds SBI FM Equity India
LU0236502588 USD 2842.21 by agreement 2842.21 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Japan Value
LU0248702432 JPY 141799.00 by agreement 141799.00 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity Latin America
LU0201576070 USD 5673.10 by agreement 5673.10 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity MENA
LU0568613433 USD 1701.64 by agreement 1701.64 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Equity US Concentrated Core
LU0568584741 USD 2308.90 by agreement 2308.90 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Bond Europe
LU0201578019 EUR 2020.73 by agreement 2020.73 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Bond Global
LU0119131489 USD 3032.06 by agreement 3032.06 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds - Bond Euro High Yield
LU0119109980 EUR 2798.05 by agreement 2798.05 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Cash Euro
LU0568620131 EUR 1003.10 by agreement 1003.10 22.01.2020
Amundi Funds Cash USD
LU0568621022 USD 1086.33 by agreement 1086.33 22.01.2020
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Class A Funds
Without any investments requirements
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Class I Funds
Min subscription requirement – EUR 500 000
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